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eBizCardWallet stands for Electronic Business Card wallet, the next generation business card. Now carry your business card electronically with your smart phone. More>>



To an Individual

  • Never forget your business card
  • No more bulky pockets filled with Business cards
  • No more losing business contacts you had received.
  • Very easy to lookup all your business cards
  • Equally easy to call them, message them, or go to their social media profile directly from the business card.

To a Corporate

  • No more hassles of printing business cards for every employee
  • You can now give business cards to every employee without increasing the costs
  • Overall 1/3rd the cost (or even less)

To the Society

  • No more paper cards, environment friendly

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Target Customer

“Any individual who has a need to present his/her identity to others and who carries a smart phone is our target customer”.

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